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Cancer & Uranium Mines


Radiation and Invisible Gas from Uranium Mines Causes Cancer,
DNA Genetic Damage and Disfigured Babies for Generations. 
 When the Dust Settles: This short  movie explains the decision by the QLD ETU to take a stand against the expanding uranium mining and nuclear power industries in Australia and around the world. Radiation and Deadly Invisible Gas heavier than air is carried by the winds to effect every Australian.  
We can only hope the lessons learned from the use of asbestos are applied to this dangerous industry before Australia is completely contaminated.  Some things are more important than $$$.
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When the Dust Settles PART 1.avi





When the Dust Settles PART 2.avi





 When the Dust Settles PART 3.avi





 When the Dust Settles PART 4.avi




When the Dust Settles PART 5.avi





- Send this film to all your family and friends -



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