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Cellworx Spray


Cellworx Oral Spray 125ml.


Support Your Immune Function
Sublingual spray provides rapid absorption into the blood.
Info-peptides support communication between cells.
PRPs assist the body in providing an appropriate immune response.
PRPs and sialyl oligosaccharides may support cognitive function
Active Ingredients:
Concentrated Bovine Colostrum Extract providing:
Info-peptides (PRP)
Sialyl Oligosaccharides
Bio-factor proteins: IGF-1, IGF-2, TGF-a
The info-peptides in CELLWORX® are the active compounds responsible for communicating with your immune cells and teaching them how to work again.
As we age our immune cells don’t function as well and the natural levels of the info-peptides are much lower in our system which often leads to more illness and subjectivity to disease. For our immune system to function properly we need to boost the level of these compounds
The info-peptides in CELLWORX® reboot your immune system to work again.
Cellworx should be taken in conjunction with Lifeline, Alpha Lipid Capsules or the new Colostem

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