"May Everyone Be Happy'

   A Special Message 


Everyone would love to enjoy good health and happiness throughout the journey of their life. While many may argue that this is impossible, in reality it is quite feasible and very possible. Whatever state of health we may be experiencing at this point in time is a direct result of the level our expanded or contracted awareness as to the very nature of life itself. This expanded or contracted awareness is determined by the influences that have been presented and installed into our belief system since infancy.


The word Disease simply means ‘Not at Ease’. Either our minds, bodies or hearts may not be at ease, we may constantly experience being consumed with worry, a racing mind, hopelessness or depression, without even being consciously aware of it. Our food source may contain little or no vitality creating an environment of malnutrition.


In more recent times our psyche has been saturated and conditioned with fear and codependency to accept the unnatural as natural. Each of these invasive elements or depleted vital foods, create a negative frequency which resonates within every cell of our being, breaking down and diminishing the very life-force required to sustain and maintain happiness and wellness.


It is important to note that the present state of our body’s cells, installed beliefs or worrying minds determines our present and future well being, behaviour, ability to function and create situations.


Eliminating toxic poisons from everything we and our children consume both physically and mentally must be given urgent priority in order to attain and maintain a life of Good Health and Happiness.


It is never too late or too early to uplift our lives on every level that we may all become aware of the nurturing and healing energy that lays waiting within each of us.


Consequently every avenue will be explored and transparently presented on this website in order to assist in achieving Good Health and Happiness for All.


This may require letting go of many well-embedded beliefs, present teachings, misinformation and or propaganda, the latter often promoted by vested interests in the name of profit.


We will present articles, information, live talks and videos by Doctors, Researchers, Scientists and Psychiatrists revealing scientific evidence and research that is free from vested interests or hidden agendas. Please see Health Links to view their websites. 






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