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MSG is hidden behind 30-40 different names in Food & Drinks.

(autolyzed yeast protein)

Dr Blaylock speaks out about the dangerous.


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MSG -allowed 98%. MSG as additive they don’t have to call it MSG.

(Over 30 common names used to hide MSG)

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There is growing evidence that msg is the cause of sudden cardiac death particularly   in young people.   We know that the entire electrical system of the heart is replete with glutamate receptors and if overstimulated it throws the heart into arrhythmias, which is the number one reason for fatal heart attacks.


When magnesium levels are low, glutamate receptors become hyperactive and this will throw the heart into arrhythmias and they’ll die suddenly.

Even low levels can damage brain, lung, heart, even the reproductive organs can be damaged – the testes has numerous glutamate receptors, the prostate gland.   Here is the big surprise – glutamate is a powerful stimulant for the growth of cancers – causes them to spread and metastasise all over the body. 


When you use blocking chemicals to block these glutamate receptors on these cancers their growth decreases dramatically.

MSG makes cancer grow more rapidly and can make a curable cancer, incurable.


MSG is commonly known as hydrolized vegetable protein, hydrolysed protein, hydrolized plant protein, plant extract, sodium caseinate, calcium caseinate, yeast extract, textured vegetable protein, vegetable protein, autolyzed yeast, hydrolized oat flour.


Every time the public become aware that that name is MSG, they’ll change the name.



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