"May Everyone Be Happy'

Shauna's Recovery with Colostrum Products

 Shauna has kissed MS Goodbye!


Shauna’s message is...there is hope for everyone.!

Shauna McLean has valiantly and courageously battled the life-crushing effects of Multiple Sclerosis since being diagnosed in 1998.  Two years earlier she survived the removal of a life-threatening brain tumour and other complications. 


For many years, she attempted to disguise the effects of MS from her two daughters so they would have a ‘normal’ life.  It was devastating to those around Shauna to witness her condition progressively deteriorate…especially balance, speech, strength & independence…but she never lost her beautiful smile or warm heart.


By early 2009 Shauna was at her worst ever with little hope to ever be ‘normal’ again.

Then in February, a phone call from a friend changed everything.
 Shauna discovered the availability of stem cell treatments and products.


After being rejected for treatment at the X Cell Centre in Germany, she was led to number of natural  products that simply stimulate the growth and release of your own stem cells.


The change in Shauna’s overall condition has astounded and delighted the many people who have known her over the years…including herself!.
Amongst many other things, Shauna’s eyesight improved remarkably. Her general mobility and energy levels increased noticeably and her balance is returning.

Four and a half months later Shauna loves every second of her new found energy… NO wheelchair, NO walking- sticks…she can walk quickly and even break into a gentle jog!


Now this former professional classical ballet dancer is sharing her message of hope.


Shauna says “Incurable’ diseases like MS and many others will be solved and eliminated by the new avalanche of answers coming from research and treatments. No matter what your condition is, there is hope.” 


What Were The Stem Cell Enhancing Product That

Turned Shauna's Life Around?

 Shauna Tells Her Story  QSb5ed-CUQs


JUST 3 ALL NATURAL  products from New Zealand....referred to as

“Shauna’s Trilogy”

They are based on Colostrum...nature’s first gift to the newborn to complete the immune system and give protection against disease. 

Womans Day Article Shauna's Miracle Recovery From MS


Product 1.

Alpha Lipid Lifeline


Alpha Lipid Lifeline breakfast drink (which cleanses, heals & modulates your immune system) Over 5000 studies have been made on colostrum and its various natural benefits to human-kind. New Image's Alpha Lipid Lifeline has a patented Proline rich Polypeptide formula.

A recent study was done regarding health benefits of Polypeptides by Nairobi University {Africa] in a six week trial that saw nearly all participants regain remission from AIDS - their CD4 levels returned to normal. Theoretically cured!

Besides this, colostrum and polypeptides whilst helping fight the baddies also helps your stem cell population to actually get active in the bloodstream again and start repairing cells. Can't be all bad eh?

Whilst colostrum supplementation can be thought of as a general health supplement, there have been substantial benefits with sufferers of MS and other auto-immune disease sufferers! You can look forward to looking and feeling younger, and keeping your brain sharp - it helps with blood pressure/circulatory problems.

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                    Retail Price $85.00     Members Price $65.00



 Product 2.

 Alpha Lipid Colostem

COLOSTEM: New Colostrum for Improved Stem Cell Release

Adult stem cells are responsible for the growth and repair of all tissues and organs in our bodies. Unfortunately as we age the number of stem cells we produce reduces to just 10% of those produced when we were young.This happens at a time when the ability to repair and renew is more important than ever.

  Colostem capsules (Which help your body produce adult stemcells, the body’s own repair.)

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Product 3.




Cellworx . (Under-tongue spray which helps organise the cells to perform at optimum level.

These all-natural  food supplements do not interact with any known pharmaceutical drug...which means it does not affect any medication you are on.

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Taking Colostrum For Longer Gives Better Results

"Data has been analyzed from the 100’s of degenerative disease sufferers that commenced taking Colostrum based stem cell enhancing products.

The result is revealing and indicates that consistent long term use of these products is very beneficial.

As we said originally, doctors had told us that to achieve a nutrition based result, participants would have to stay on the products for at least 12 weeks and beyond.

For some, results will "kick in" sooner than for others.

Data is now showing (while it is only early days) that patients using the products prior to going to have a transplant at the XCell Center are returning and getting excellent results.

The science is proven - the more Adult Stem Cells (Repair kits) you have circulating in your bloodstream the better chance your body will have in time to repair its self."




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