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Cancer - Step Outside The Box


 Australian Cancer Statistics:

Less than 3% Live after Chemotherapy and Radiation 

By Ty Bollinger.


  Because I’m a layman, not a doctor, I’m free to tell you the truth about your cancer treatment options. I knew hardly anything about cancer until cancer killed seven of my family members, including my mom and dad!




I’ll never forget my dad’s bright eyes, his grin, and his warmth. I could hardly believe it when he came down with colon cancer. At six foot two and 220 pounds, he was physically tough. He lived clean, exercised, and ate right. Yet his once-strong body wasted away, and he died of cancer at the age of 52 in July 1996.

Little did I know that cancer would strike my family again and again.

  • The following November one of my grandfathers died of cancer
  • In May 1997 one of my cousins died of cancer
  • The following July one of my uncles died of cancer
  • In February 1999 one of my grandmothers died of cancer
  • The following August my other grandfather died of cancer
  • And in February 2004, my mom died of cancer.

My mom’s death from cancer was the last straw! You see, my loved ones died not so much from cancer as from the poisonous, barbaric cancer treatments: I’m talking about radiation and chemo. Radiation burns, and chemo poisons.

My loved ones died because they listened to their doctors and trusted their advice. They died because they didn’t “step outside the box” and consider natural cancer cures.

They didn’t know about these cures. Neither did I.

During my years as a Certified Public Accountant, it never entered my mind that I would write a best-selling book that would help “terminal” cancer patients from around the world cure their cancer at home. But after my mom died of cancer I plunged full-time into researching natural cancer cures.

During this research I also uncovered some shocking facts about the cancer industry’s conspiracy to keep Americans ignorant about natural cures for cancer.

I’m eager to give you information that could save you or a loved one from dying an early death from cancer. Yes, there’s a better way to beat cancer than suffering through the misery of chemo and radiation. And I’m living proof.


How I cured the skin cancer on my face

Now that I know how to beat cancer without chemo and radiation, I’m no longer afraid of falling victim to my family’s “cancer curse.” In 2008 I had skin cancer on my face: one spot on my nose and the other on my left temple. But I knew exactly what to do.

Instead of getting surgery, I used a natural, inexpensive remedy that I recommend in my book Cancer: Step Outside the Box. Here are the “before” and “after” photographs.


Cancer treatment racketeers
a whistle-blower!

As I told you earlier, in the 1970s a researcher at a major U.S. cancer hospital performed experiments on mice with cancer. He repeatedly found that the natural cancer remedy from northern India shrank tumors.

An idealistic young employee at the hospital was eager to write a news story announcing this exciting breakthrough. Then he got the shock of his life: his bosses instructed him to stop working on the story immediately. They claimed the researcher’s work was meaningless.

But he had seen the astonishing results with his own eyes!

His bosses instructed him to lie. Furthermore, they insisted that he write a news story claiming that the natural remedy was worthless for cancer treatment. It turns out that his bosses had a conflict of interest: financial ties to the chemotherapy industry.

But this employee couldn’t lie about what he knew was the truth. Instead, he blew the whistle on his bosses and was promptly fired!

Make no mistake. The lucrative chemotherapy industry is scared to death of the natural cancer cure from northern India. If this cure were widely known, it could bring an abrupt end to their obscene profits for drugs that don’t work.


.Amazing stories of death sentences reversed!

In 1975, 48-year-old homemaker Alicia Pratt of Los Angeles suffered from an advanced case of one of the most dreaded cancers: oral pharyngeal cancer. Instead of undergoing surgery that would have disfigured her face, she used the cancer remedy from northern India. 

With the support of her husband, she got rid of her cancer and lived in good health until her death in 2001 – 26 years later!

Let me tell you an even more amazing story. In 1986, when Jason V. from New York was just 18 years old, his doctor diagnosed him with a rare and fatal form of cancer called Askin’s tumor. At that time, doctors had identified only 20 known cases since the disease was first discovered. 




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